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At this time of the ongoing pandemic of 2019-20 coronavirus disease and social isolation (COVID-19), Marcelo Andrade Soares would close the doors of his panel micro company. But he reinvented himself: he aired a video on the internet saying that he has a Laser cutting machine capable of manufacturing 4,000 units of facepiece masks a day and offer them for health teams, but he’d need all the raw material. A day later, he already had 7,000 calls on his cell phone, including from the hospitals directors Albert Sabin and Monte Sinai. In addition to others companies that donated the inputs to manufacture and transport the face shields.

 Nowadays Marcelo is working in the rented shed for his small business, without paying any more rent since the owner has suspended the rent payment to motivate Marcelo’s effort to help. There are 12 volunteers working hard with him who will also be paid by donating companies.

 Marcelo said that the most desperated groups seeking for face shields are the dentists. We spoke with Dr. Marco Aurélio Figueiredo Pereira, professor at the Dentisty University of Brazil (UFRJ), who explained how the safety procedures in the offices were routinely, and concluded that with the Covid-19 pandemic, security measures should increase much more from now on.

Nowadays Marcelo is capable of producing more than 100 thousand of face shields. And he is doing all this as donation: personally, he does not gain a penny for his effort in helping to fight the disease. At the end of our news report, Marcelo is moved: he has been in social isolation for a month and far away from important people in his family, including his daughter. And soon he regains his enthusiasm in going on to help, saying that he has also helped a friend transform his lingerie micro company into an ordinary face masks factory. “These masks cost 2, 3 reais and are being sold for 30 reais. This is abusive!”